Highlander Virus

Mike Bonanni, Staff Writer

   The Ainscot.L virus, otherwise known as the Highlander virus, is taking hold of the internet one victim at a time. The virus takes its name from its method of destroying all other viruses in the infected computer until it is the only one left. It reminded many people of the movie “Highlander,” which was became a 90s TV show. In both the movie and the show, immortal warriors would fight to the death to claim the power of “the Quickening” until only one remained.

   Other features of this virus include logging internet activity of the user and stealing bank information, as well as any other private info. However, it is actually not really a virus as much as it is a “bot.” It is a piece of software that will allow hackers to access and control the infected computer, hooking it up to the internet to join a “botnet” along with other victim’s computers in order to attack websites or hide their own computer’s identity.

   The way someone would get this virus, or bot, is by responding to a specific email from a clothing company called CULT from the U.K. The email states that £200 will be charged to your credit card for a purchase that was obviously not made and offers a link for the victim to click in order to cancel the order. By clicking the link, the virus is then downloaded. This email method of sending out viruses is called a phishing email, and students should be careful of what spam mail they decide to open. It’s likely the hacker or hackers responsible could have changed the email due to the publicity. The reason this virus is so successful is because of how real and convincing the email looks.

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