National News

The Effects of Hurricane Laura

September 11, 2020 The State Times 0

Andrew Dawson, Contributing Writer |

Hurricane Laura struck Louisiana at one in the morning on Thursday, Aug. 27. The hurricane was a category four storm, making it the biggest hurricane …

National News

Ongoing Violence in Portland, OR

September 11, 2020 The State Times 0

Hannah Lonergan, Staff Writer |

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police on May 28 sparked major protests. These protests have continued for the past three months, …

Campus News

Thank You, Student Employees!

April 10, 2020 The State Times 0

Kimberly Adler, Contributing Writer

Student Employee Appreciation Day will be observed by the college on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. It is a chance for departments, supervisors and the campus community …

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COVID-19 Vaccines and Self-Testing

March 27, 2020 The State Times 0

Zarina Sotero, Staff Writer |

Currently no vaccines have been developed and distributed for COVID-19. However, scientists and medical professionals are hard at work to develop a vaccine for the …