Hopes for the 2019 Grammy’s

December 7, 2018 The State Times 1

Tara O’Leary, Staff Writer |

The 2019 Grammy nominations are being announced Friday, December 7. As a big music fan, award shows have always sparked excitement for me. The performances …


Is Vaping the New Addiction?

November 9, 2018 The State Times 0

Angelina Beltrani, Copy Editor|

It was not uncommon to posess  smoking and nicotine addictions for people born in the 1960s, and who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s. …


Cancer Isn’t Cute

November 2, 2018 The State Times 1

Katie Hèbert, Staff Writer|

October has come to an end. Along with the disappearance ofHalloween merchandise and celebrations (and the very early excitement of Christmas), the amount of pink …


Rules are Ruining Football

October 26, 2018 The State Times 0

Wyatt Cushman, Sports Editor|

Football, by nature, is a violent game. People run as fast as they can toward one another until they collide. Whether you’re a six-year-old kid …


Overpopulation and Its Effects

September 21, 2018 The State Times 7

Chrystal Savage, Culture Editor|

“… but land does not beget:” Cecil Rhodes

Present day, overpopulation reigns as one of the most eminent dangers facing mankind; and conveniently remains tremendously overlooked. …


Libraries Are Still a Necessity

September 14, 2018 The State Times 0

Michelle Barbero, News Editor| Over the past several years, libraries have been working to adapt to technological innovations. When entering the newly renovated first floor of the James M. Milne …